The Secret 'Tax Loophole' Allowing Australian Homeowners to Become DEBT FREE in Under 10 Years!

Why do the rich always get richer? …while you struggle to stay ahead financially?

Seriously, what’s their secret?


Is there something rich people know, that you don’t?


Well, the short answer is… Yes, there is!


Before we share this “secret” to financial success, first let me ask you this…


Have you ever sat watching a news story about – the rich paying no tax?


Yep, that’s right, time and time again we hear how the rich seem to pay little to no tax. 


While the average Australian homeowner (like you) pays nearly 30% of their hard-earned wage to the tax man each year!


This doesn’t seem fair, right? 


No, it’s NOT fair… but it is 100% legal, in fact, in a recent article in The Guardian newspaper, they call this tax loophole…

"A legal tax rort for rich"

And when implemented correctly, this tax loophole can help ANY homeowner finally break the mortgage shackles and become debt free on their home in under 10 years.


The point is, using this legal tax loophole to pay off your mortgage faster, is the key to moving from a financial “struggle street”… to a life on ‘main street’, among society’s most wealthy!


Imagine how your life would change if you were 100% debt free?


What would you do with that extra income?

…buy an investment property?
…….take the family on holiday?
………finally, buy that dream car?


Now this might all sound “too good to be true!”, but consider this…


Almost every politician in Canberra takes advantage of this tax loophole too! In fact, according to this article in The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, 64% of all our politicians use (exploit) this tax loophole.

"64 per cent of MPs, compared to less than 20 per cent of Australians."

On top of this… 

Australian banks loan more money to people using this tax loophole, than almost any other asset! As stated in a recent Australian Financial Review article…. 

According to CoreLogic, which monitors property markets – a record high of nearly $12 billion is loaned out by Australian banks to homeowners utilising this tax loophole.

"A record 12 billion."

So, if the WEALTHY are utilising this tax loophole! 


…and most of our elected POLITICIANS are using this tax loophole! 


……and the BIG banks seem to love loaning money to homeowners taking advantage of this tax loophole!


The BIG question is,… why are you NOT doing this?


Ok, enough ‘dancing around’ here’s how it works,


According to the ATO, Australians that earn $120,000 p.a. are taxed $31,897 each year!

This tax loophole, allows you to re-direct a portion of your tax money back into real estate assets, which can help pay down your mortgage sooner. 


See the BIG difference between the average Aussie homeowner and the wealthy person is this…


While the average Aussie home owner slaves away over the next 30+ years paying most of their wages each week to the banks in the form of “interest on their loan”. And to the ATO in the form of “income tax”. 


The wealthy people buy real estate too, but they then take advantage of this legal tax loophole to pay off that debt much sooner (often under 10 years). 


This allows, wealthy people to OWN their homes


And break free from the greedy banks and their crazy “30-year debt terms”,…otherwise known as THE MORTGAGE TRAP! 


Take this example below, the savings to your hip pocket can easily be in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS…

The SAD truth is… life is NOT fair. 


Sometimes you need an unfair advantage to get ahead.


Have you heard the fabled story of David Vs Goliath?


Well in 2023 the story of David Vs Goliath,…


David is you the Aussie Homeowner Vs Goliath – the greedy Banks!

See in the fabled story of David Vs Goliath, David knew the odds were unfairly stacked against him… and he had no chance of beating the giant Goliath as things stood!


So, what did David do? He picked up his sling and gave himself a fighting chance at victory! 


The only sling available to you to defeat Goliath (the Banks) are these TAX INCENTIVES.


So, stop trying to WIN an unfair fight!


Stack the odds back in your favour and use the financial weapons at your disposal…


Just like David conquered the Giant Goliath… you too can conquer the debt slavery that is your mortgage! 


And defeat the BIG banks at their own game.

So at this point you’re thinking… 


“sounds good, but if this worked as well as you say it does? why haven’t I heard about it before?”



Well, Like most Australians, you probably find managing your taxes boring, right?



And come tax time each year, you stick your “head in the sand” rather than pay attention to what’s happening with your tax money! 



Does this sound like you?

And that’s why you’ve never heard of this tax loophole because like the other 95% of Australians who pay NO ATTENTION to their income tax!

You simply resign yourself to shipping almost 1/3 of your income off to the ATO each year… thinking it’s dead money!

Well, it’s not dead money! It’s YOUR money. Shouldn’t you be using it to help improve your life financially?

Discover how this TAX loophole can apply to you! Answer a few quick questions below and find out how quickly you too can pay off your mortgage by taking advantage of this legal tax loophole…

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