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The real estate market is confusing without support. What’s your home’s market value? Which appraiser can you trust? Where do you find buyers? How do you negotiate? 

It’s in this moment of need that real estate agents prove their worth. Gold Coast real estate agents use their extensive networks and experience to guide clients to the best prices and the quickest possible sales. 

If you’re overwhelmed with the number of Gold Coast real estate agents, don’t worry. Use this guide to browse the best Gold Coast real estate agents and choose the agent that matches your attitude and goals.

The Best Real Estate Agents on the Gold Coast

Partner with one of these real estate agents to sell your home for the best price!

Jo Elwin - LJ Hooker

Jo Elwin - LJ Hooker

Jo Elwin is part of the LJ Hooker teams. She’s a marketing and sales specialist, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She’s worked in both a local and national capacity and with a host of different clients. 

Today, she uses the knowledge she’s acquired over the last two decades to provide exemplary service that hooks buyers and gets the best deals for her sellers. 

With a focus on honest and professional service, Jo Elwin’s clients enjoy relevant advice, great marketing, honest appraisals, and respectful service. To Jo, there is nothing quite as rewarding as getting her clients what they want.

Jo Lynch - LJ Hooker

Jo Lynch - LJ Hooker

Jo Lynch, another exemplary real estate agent with LJ Hooker, is a Gold Coast local with a deep love for the local community. 

With so many years in the Gold Coast, she’s got intimate knowledge of the area and its associated real estate. She’s also in charge of a large network that helps her make the most of the real estate market for her clients. 

As for experience, Jo has been selling homes for more than a decade. She’s also got a long history in sales and media and has mastered communication and customer service. Jo’s clients enjoy friendly, professional, and honest service tailored to their needs.

Billy Jaz - McGrath Estate Agents

Billy Jaz - McGrath Estate Agents

Billy Jaz of McGrath Estate Agents is an agent and auctioneer. He’s also the Principal agent of McGrath Palm Beach, a stunning achievement for a seller of his age. Billy spent years in the circuit as a builder, which has afforded him a keen eye for property valuations. 

He provides clients with honest appraisals and advice on landing the best deal for their homes. His strong negotiation skills are another major plus for his clients. 

Billy is also active in the local community and has built a fast network that helps his clients achieve their goals. He’s got his eye on the prize and is willing to go the extra mile for the people he works with.

Adam Van Leeuwin - PRD Realty

Adam Van Leeuwin has over 10 years of experience in the Gold Coast real estate market. He’s a highly respected agent and has also dabbled in property development. Today, he’s a joint Principal agent and owner of the renowned PRD Burleigh Heads. 

Besides his experience, Adam’s true strength lies in his communication skills. His knowledge of the industry is unmatched and he’s built a large referral network, one of the largest and most active client bases on the Gold Coast. 

Adam offers his clients nothing but honest professionalism. He listens to what his clients want and does everything he can to achieve their goals.

Darrell Johnston - LJ Hooker

Darrell Johnston is an award-winning agent with LJ Hooker (formally Knobel & Davis) who’s been active in the industry since 2000. With more than two decades in the industry, he’s built a reputation as a reliable, experienced, and dependable real estate agent. 

To Darrell, selling a home is a big deal. Clients deserve ethical and positive advice, as well as unconditional support. With an additional 15 years in the sales industry, he’s highly qualified to navigate the market. 

For sellers looking for a dedicated real estate agent, one who provides clients with undivided attention and support, Darrell is the way to go.

Justin Schmith - Schmith Real Estate

Justin Schmith with Schmith Real Estate is a young and ambitious Gold Coast real estate agent. He’s quickly risen in the ranks and part of his appeal is that he’s local. Justin was born and raised in the Gold Coast. 

His philosophy is simple: it’s all about you. He lives and breathes for his clients and views every client as an opportunity to make dreams come true. 

For all his ambition, Justin’s a true people person. His clients are quickly taken in by his positive attitude and drive.

Serena Wilson - PRD Realty

Serena Wilson - PRD Realty

Serena Wilson is an experienced real estate agent with PRD and holds a unique spot in the real estate market. She has a reputation as a relaxed but brilliant real estate agent, one who simplifies the selling process.

As for her selling process, Serena implements modern solutions into her sales strategy. Utilising everything from social media to print platforms, she creates personalised protocols for her client’s unique needs.

If that wasn’t enough, Serena is also lauded for her great negotiation skills, attention to detail, and presence. She does her best to make sure her clients are comfortable and happy every step of the way.

Troy Dowker - Kollosche

Troy Dowker - Kollosche

Troy Dowker is an award-winning real estate agent with Kollosche. He’s been active in the industry for 19 years and has dedicated himself to selling homes in the most sought-after beachfront neighbourhoods on the Gold Coast. 

His portfolio is magnificent, with more than $1 billion in sales across his time in the industry. His biggest sale was a home worth a staggering $17 million. 

The secret to his success is his network and reputation. Troy is known for his charming personality and positive reputation with sellers, buyers, and other vendors on the Gold Coast. Like his homes, Troy provides his clients with premier service.

Emisha Canning - Harcourts Coastal

Emisha Canning - Coastal

Emisha Canning form Coastal (formally Harcourts Coastal), is a five-time award-winning agent with over 20 years of experience, has one promise to her clients: to sell for the highest price in the quickest time possible. 

It’s not an empty promise. Emisha has built a stellar reputation on her ability to meet and exceed client expectations. 

A major part of her appeal and success is her attitude. Emisha is positive and friendly but with a distinct “win at all costs” attitude that her clients love. She also holds the reins on a large local network which she uses to make her clients’ dreams come true.

Jo Dwyer - Jo Dwyer Real Estate

Jo Dwyer - Jo Dwyer Real Estate

Jo Dwyer, an experienced real estate agent and Director of Jo Dwyer Real Estate, views the real estate market as an opportunity for growth. To her, real estate is more than brick and mortar. Selling a home is a big deal and it requires care and patience. 

Jo’s only goal is to make her clients happy. She uses her extensive knowledge and network to sell her client’s homes at the highest price point. 

At a unique crossroads of emotional and rational, Jo Dwyer provides both unique and comprehensive real estate support for her Gold Coast clients.

Karyn O'Dea - Ray White

Karyn O'Dea - Ray White

Karyn O’Dea is a multi-award-winning and licensed Ray White real estate agent with a spectacular reputation among clients and other agents – and it’s all because of her approach to selling residential homes. 

To Karyn, there is nothing as satisfying as selling above market value. She goes above and beyond for her clients, consistently scoring 10 – 15 % over the expected market price for her clients. 

Besides helping her clients set up the best sales pitch and price, she also takes sales into her own hands. Karyn isn’t afraid to put in the legwork and find the best buyer for her client’s homes. She’ll do anything to satisfy her clients.

Greg Corcoran - Ray White

Greg Corcoran - Ray White

Another award-winning Ray White agent, Greg Corcoran hates fake pitches and promises. To him, the real estate market is about honesty, ethical support, and deep client relationships. 

Greg utilises this personal approach to selling in his daily dealings with clients. He’s built an extensive network with people from all walks of the industry and uses these connections to make only the best choices regarding his client’s sales. 

Greg is in it to win it. With his dedicated approach and honest relationships, he thrives on carrying his clients over the Gold Coast real estate finish line.

Tina Nenadic - Gold Coast Property

Tina Nenadic - Gold Coast Property

Tina Nenadic is a highly sought-after real estate agent and the Managing Director of Gold Coast Property. To Tina, there is nothing as important as bringing a sale home. The last twelve months speak for themselves: she’s made 75 sales and achieved a 96% clearance rate. 

To achieve these spectacular numbers, she utilises her connections, integrity, and experience to win the best sales for her clients. 

Tina’s clients enjoy dedicated and fierce support. Lacklustre sales are not an option. Only the best will do for her clients.


While selling on the Gold Coast can be overwhelming, it doesn’t need to be. The right Gold Coast real estate agent can provide you with all the knowledge, experience, connections, and support you need to find the perfect buyer for your home. 

Use this list as your starting point. Choose a real estate agent that fits your goals and sales attitude, get in contact, and let them take care of the rest. 

For more information on the Gold Coast and all things property, visit Property Gold Coast. We provide buyers and sellers with updated real estate news, insights, and guides to help you navigate the real estate industry.

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