Best New Home Builders Gold Coast

Home Builders Gold Coast, Australia

The Gold Coast is home to some of the most beautiful homes in Australia, all thanks to the master builders dotting the landscape. 

There are dozens of new home builders on the Gold Coast to choose from. But choosing the builders that suit your taste, budget, and approach can be difficult. 

Browse this list of the best new home builders on the Gold Coast. Whether you’re building a luxury coastal estate or building your first home, one of these top home builders is guaranteed to help you reach your property goals.

Top New Home Builders On The Gold Coast

For the best new home builders’ service on the Gold Coast, choose one of these companies:

Silkwood homes

Silkwood Homes

Silkwood Homes is an award-winning home-building company on the Gold Coast. Known for their modern and stylish homes, these master builders provide custom designs that help you express your style and personality. 

Silkwood Homes’ team offers clients a host of benefits. Some of the most impressive include a 20-year structural guarantee, a 12-month maintenance warranty, and direct contact with trusted and professional contractors. 

If that wasn’t enough, Silkwood Homes also believes in fixed-price contracts. There are no hidden fees. The amount you agreed to is the price you pay. To build your forever home and experience top-tier service, Silkwood Homes is the company to partner with.

Evoca Homes

Evoca Homes

Evoca Homes first made its way onto the scene in 2015. With 30 years of construction experience, the owners and company quickly rose to prominence on the Gold Coast for its home designs. 

As home builders, Evoca Homes values the customer experience. Building a home and investing large sums of money into the process is nerve-wracking. That’s why Evoca Homes assists you through the entire building journey. They’re always there to support you and guide you forward. 

Besides great custom designs and unconditional support, Evoca Homes values transparency. Evoca is always honest about pricing and expectations whether it be your contract or the building materials they use.


Symcorp Design & Build

With more than a decade’s experience, Symcorp Design & Build is a trusted local luxury home builder. The company was founded by Heath and Chris Symons, brothers with more than 30 combined years of experience in the industry. 

The experience translates well. Symcorp Design & Build has built dozens of homes and has extended its business to include developments, extensions, and duplexes. Your custom designs will never be too much. 

As for service, Symcorp Design & Build offers fixed prices. There are no hidden fees. These master builders also only use the highest quality materials for their projects, ensuring your home looks great and keeps you safe.

Ultra Living Homes

Ultra Living Homes is a family-owned and operated business run by owners Peter and Megan. The award-winning home builders have mastered custom designs that make their clients feel inspired and at home. 

The luxury homes they build are also perfect for the modern family. Ultra Living Homes understands that modern Australians need modern building solutions that don’t feel stuffy. They also pride themselves on their quality and customer service. 

Ultra Living Homes is constantly adopting new methods and technology to craft better homes. And, while they’re building your dream home, they promise to be at your side every step of the way.

Built By Rome

Built By Rome

Built By Rome is a luxury Gold Coast home-building company with an impressive record. Not only is Rome a multi-award winning company, but it also boasts more than 30 years of experience and master builder accreditation. 

Rome’s approach to building is unique. Their luxury building projects are high quality and beautiful. The company prides itself on creating timeless masterpieces that allow you to showcase your lifestyle and personality. 

This collaborative approach to creating art extends into other parts of the building process. Rome values honest dealings, transparent pricing, and open communication. To the Rome team, your home is your dream – they’re just helping you reach it.

Q Coast Homes

Q Coast Homes

Q Coast Homes is a family-owned and operated home-building company. The Q Coast Homes team has built more than 600 homes in the last decade and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. 

What sets Q Coast Homes apart is its flexibility. Whether you want to build a small, cozy abode for yourself or a modern masterpiece for the whole family, their team can pull it off. 

Q Coast Homes also has a ‘show, don’t tell’ mentality. Instead of telling you how good their homes are, you can visit one of their display homes in Killara, Flagstone, and Covella. See for yourself the quality and craftsmanship Q Coast Homes provides its customers.

Kai Konstruct

Kai Konstruct

Kai Konstruct is a local Gold Coast home-building company with an innovative approach to design. With a focus mainly on the hinterland and coastal properties, Kai Konstruct has mastered building with the land, not against it. 

The company, which was named after the owners’ son, embodies their goal: to build beautiful, safe, and livable homes for all families. Their building process is marked by care and attention to detail. 

If you want sustainable, acreage living with a generous helping of luxury for your family, Kai Konstruct is the way to go.

August Homes

August Homes

August Homes has over 40 years of experience in the industry and has been featured in home decor and design publications for their unique building approach. 

Their custom homes vary from whimsical to ultra-modern, and so do their clients. August Homes’ in-house design team specialises in crafting creative living spaces. These designs are then translated with the utmost detail into the real world by their master craftsman and builders. 

August Homes is the best building company for homeowners looking to create a unique, spellbinding home design, and have it executed to perfection. 


Building your dream home is, for most, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Partnering with the perfect new home builder is a must if you hope to translate your dream into reality. 

Fortunately, the Gold Coast is home to some of the best home builders in Australia. Browse this list of the best new home builders the Gold Coast has to offer, find the team that suits your goal, and start building your forever home. 

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