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Buying a home is a big deal. Unfortunately, getting the money to close the deal is often confusing without professional help. It’s even worse if you’ve already found your dream home and are working on a time crunch. 

Luckily, with the help of a mortgage broker, you can navigate home finances, decipher the jargon, and find the best deal for your budget. 

If you’re unsure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve done the leg work and compiled a list of the best mortgage brokers on the Gold Coast.

Top Mortgage Brokers On The Gold Coast

Don’t let home loans overwhelm you, not when you can enlist the help of one of the best mortgage brokers on the Gold Coast.

Richard Jefferies – Newbridge Home Loans

Richard Jefferies started his career over 20 years ago, in 2001. At the time, he was completing a Business and Finance degree at Griffith University while getting hands-on experience in the finance industry. 

Today, he is a highly qualified and lauded mortgage broker at Newbridge Home Loans. He’s got a diploma in financial planning, a certificate IV in mortgage brokerage, and is MFAA accredited. Richard is also well-known for his professional but polite approach to acquiring home loans. 

Outside his qualifications, Richard has put his knowledge into practice hundreds of times for his clients. He provides unmatched residential, commercial, and business mortgage brokerage services.

Amanda Thomas – Mortgage Choice

Amanda Thomas – Mortgage Choice

Amanda Thomas is the co-owner of the Mortgage Choice franchise, alongside Peter Thomas. Before she officially became a mortgage broker, she worked in a variety of banking and telecommunications roles. 

Her time working as an operations and project manager has provided valuable insight into the world of finance – insight she now uses to find her clients the best home loans. 

Amanda knows exactly how stressful finding a good home loan can be. Buying property is a big deal. To her, there is nothing better than helping her clients navigate the finances of the real estate market to finally purchase their dream property.

Leona Teal – Go Mortgage

Leona Teal – Go Mortgage

Leona Teal is an award-winning mortgage broker with 18 years of experience in the industry. She’s worked in multiple sectors of the industry, gaining in-depth knowledge about financing and building a reliable network. 

Today, she works for Go Mortgage, where she’s one of the premier brokers. Her client list is long and happy. Leona is known for her friendly support and unmatched rapport. She values her client relationships and does her best to put you at ease. 

When it comes to securing home loans, she’s professional and quick. Leona prides herself on working within her clients’ deadlines and making the whole process as easy as possible.

Adam Hall – The Gold Coast Mortgage Broker

Adam Hall – The Gold Coast Mortgage Broker

Adam Hall is the founder of The Gold Coast Mortgage Broker and is a senior broker in the industry. 

Before founding The Gold Coast Mortgage Broker, Adam completed a Bachelor’s of Commerce and gained valuable experience working on the Gold Coast. He also completed a diploma in finance and mortgage broking management.

Adam prioritises getting a high loan approval success rate so that his clients don’t have to compromise on their dreams and investments. He utilises modern brokerage and dynamic offerings to achieve his goal. 

Professional and to the point, Adam is invested in the win. Nothing beats the feeling of guiding his clients to the best possible deal.

Lauren Hall – Loan Market Edge

Lauren Hall – Loan Market Edge

Before Lauren Hall made her way to Loan Market Edge, she spent years working for major banks in Australia and New Zealand. She took that knowledge and applied it to her job as a mortgage broker at Loan Market Edge, where she’d been working for almost a decade. 

With her intimate knowledge of the financial sector, she’s quickly made a name for herself as a senior mortgage broker. Her clients are treated to expert services tailored to their budgeting needs.

As for her approach, Lauren gets a thrill from helping her clients. To her, there is nothing better than giving her clients a call to share the good news.

Antony Muir – Mortgage Choice

Award-winning Antony Muir is the principal mortgage broker at Mortgage Choice. Antony has mastered mortgage brokerage. Finding the perfect home loan for his clients is a “when”, not “if” goal. 

According to Antony, his goal is to remove the confusion from the loan process. He makes an effort to demystify the process for his clients, simplify the financial jargon, and run around so that his clients don’t have to. 

Antony believes the mortgage process doesn’t need to be difficult. With active listening and unconditional support, Antony is dedicated to finding the financing for his clients’ dream property.

Victor Kalinowski – Blackk Mortgage Brokers

Victor Kalinowski, the principal broker and founder of Blackk Mortgage Brokers, has an affinity for property and money. He’s had it since a young age and has combined his two loves to dominate the mortgage brokering industry. 

With his Bachelor’s in Commerce and Certificate IV in Financial Services, combined with his innate affinity for the market, Victor is uniquely qualified. 

Besides the fun of navigating the financial market for his clients, Victor takes his role seriously. After witnessing the devastating consequences of bad brokerage, he puts in the work to ensure only the best for his clients.


Buying a home is a nerve-wracking experience. But collecting the capital for the endeavour might be even more stressful. Without a good home loan, you risk fumbling your dream property and being stuck with a loan that’s doing its best to drain you dry.

A mortgage broker can help you navigate home loans and find a deal that suits your budget and keeps you safe from shady deals. Pick from this list and you’re guaranteed to have the support you need to navigate the process. 

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