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List of The Best Buyers Agent on the Gold Coast

The real estate market is competitive, with buyers and sellers constantly tussling for the best possible home price. Unfortunately, home buyers often lack professional assistance – specifically, assistance in navigating the jargon, due diligence, legal processes, negotiations, and so on. 

That’s where the best Gold Coast buyers agents come in handy. Buyers agents help clients navigate the buying process, cutting down on costs and stress. 

If you’re looking for a premium Gold Coast property, you must enlist the help of the best Gold Coast buyers agents. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Here’s a list of the best Gold Coast buyers agents for you to choose from.

Local Gold Coast Buyers Agents

Use this complete list of the best Gold Coast buyers agents to find the right agent for your needs.

Bernard Rubin - FUTR Property

Bernard Rubin - FUTR Property

No best Gold Coast buyers agents list would be complete without Bernard. Bernard Rubin is a fully licensed and highly skilled buyers agent with FUTR property. 

Unlike the majority of buyers advocates, Bernard started – literally – from the bottom. His first job in the property industry was making ‘For Sale’ signs by hand. He was also responsible for going door to door to hammer the signs into the ground. 

Today, he’s a premier buyers advocate who enlists the same principles as he did when he was still putting up signs. To Bernard, finding the right property is about putting in the leg work. He frequently goes door to door in his client’s ideal neighbourhoods to find off-market properties that cost significantly less than on-market options.

Beyond putting in the leg work, Bernard believes the buying process doesn’t have to be difficult. With a 30-minute free consultation, he gathers all the information he needs from his clients, wishes them well, and gets right to work. 

To Bernard, being a buyer’s advocate is about saving your clients time, stress, and a whole lot of money. Some of his most recent clients got off-market deals $50,000 cheaper than what they were expecting to pay. The best part? Most of his clients see returns and property options within only a few weeks! Several of Bernard’s clients, some of whom have spent months, even years, looking for a home, were happily placed in their new homes within six weeks. 

With Bernard, buyers can look forward to simple and effective advocacy, led by a buyer agent more than willing to shoulder the mental and physical load so that his clients don’t have to.

Jacqueline Dwyer - Savvy Fox

Jacqueline Dwyer - Savvy Fox

Jacqueline Dwyer, spearhead of the Savvy Fox team, is an award-winning property professional who helps people find their dream property on the Gold Coast. Jacqueline has more years in the industry than she’s willing to share, but, even with all those years under her belt, she’s still as passionate as ever. 

As a licensed agent, auctioneer, and valuer, she has the experience and insider knowledge to guide you to your dream home. She has an uncanny knack for helping people find exactly the home they’ve been yearning for.

She’s a true advocate for her clients. Getting into the property buying market is a daunting task, with its confusing array of jargon, red tape, and networking. It’s overwhelming, even for new buyer’s agents. But not for her. 

Jacqueline’s goal is to level the playing field for her clients by providing insider knowledge and guidance, unlike anything you’ll find on the Gold Coast. Jacqueline fights for her clients to find budget-friendly homes, without having to compromise on ideals. 

Other than a highly effective buying strategy, clients can look forward to:

  • Premium property options
  • Auction bidding handled by professional auctioneers
  • Property assessments and walkthrough videos
  • Building and pest inspections
  • Pre-market property access
  • Off-market property access 

Jacqueline is your sword and shield in the property-buying market. Buying property doesn’t have to be a you-against-the-world situation anymore. Instead, Jacqueline will listen carefully to your criteria, help you find beautiful home options in your price range, help you navigate the paperwork and buying process, and offer endless support when working with real estate agents. 

If you’re not in the area you’re looking to move to, confused about the buying process, dealing with overbearing agents, or too busy to dedicate time to house hunting, Jacqueline is your best bet.

With Jacqueline, one of the best Gold Coast buyers agents, you won’t have to settle for anything less than the perfect forever home.

Douglas Vincent - Hunters Buyers Agents

Douglas Vincent - Hunters Buyers Agents

Douglas Vincent of Hunters Buyers Agents is a licensed real estate agent who’s been active in the industry since 1980. Douglas is the Hunters Buyers Principal agent. He’s been active as a Gold Coast buyers agent since 2005 when he made his focus on buyers and not sellers. 

Today, he’s an old hand in the buying business. He’s accumulated priceless experience and a vast network which helps him—more than four decades into his career-–find the best homes and prices for his clients. 

His passion for his clients’ happiness is unmatched. From full-service buyer advocacy to negotiation services, Douglas provides clients with exceptional support and industry expertise.

Darren Piper - Universal Buyers Agents

Universal Buyers Agents director Darren Piper is on a mission to change the real estate industry and has so far been successful in his endeavour. Providing full-service buyer advocacy that covers everything from property searching to negotiations and inspections, he’s won himself repeat clients and a strong local media presence. 

The strength of Darren’s approach is his dedication to his clients. The real estate industry doesn’t favour the buyer, and sellers often strong-arm buyers into prices they can’t afford. 

Darren acts as the buyer’s shield and sword, working with you to find the perfect home for your family or your investment portfolio – no matter how long it takes.

Jack Freestone - Buyers Collective

Jack Freestone is the founder of Buyers Collective and a licensed buyers agent. Jack is also a successful property developer and investor, which is how he’s become the premier option for buyers looking to grow their investment portfolio. 

Using insider knowledge and his personal experience, Jack helps investors find the best properties on the Gold Coast by carefully examining property potential and market trends. His top-tier negotiation skills also help clients find the best deals and maximise future profits. 

He’s become a popular property mentor and is passionate about helping his clients achieve their property goals.

Travis Meade - Blue Key Buyers Agents

Travis Meade - Blue Key Buyers Agents

Travis Meade, Founder of Blue Key Buyers Agents, has a whopping 13 years of experience in the industry. Providing service for local and international buyers, his goal is to help buyers find the perfect property for their family, investment portfolio, and future. 

Travis offers both full and half-service options to fit any budget and free strategy consultations. He’s also dedicated his time to saving clients’ money and saves on average 5.5% off the final purchase price for his clients.

With a focus on honesty and dedication, Travis offers trusted Gold Coast buyers’ agent services that are hard to beat.

Matt Srama - The Srama Group

Matt Srama - The Srama Group

Matt Srama is a former NRL player who was left bereft in the Australian real estate market after numerous missed opportunities, mostly due to a lack of representation and resources for buyers. The experience roused his competitive spirit, which led him to create the Srama group. 

His goal is simple: provide access and information, and help clients make informed choices. He acts as a buying partner, helping clients navigate the jargon, high price points, and negotiations. 

Matt has successfully transplanted his competitive spirit into the real estate industry and has firmly established himself as one of the best Gold Coast buyers agents in the industry.

Tony Coughran - Simply GC

Tony Coughran - Simply GC

Tony Coughran is part of the Simply GC group and has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry. An award-winning agent with $600 million in purchases, he’s known for his communication skills and for helping clients negotiate the best possible deals from sellers. 

To Tony, your time and money matters. Buying a home is a big decision and having someone in your corner is a must. Tony aims to be that someone, by offering one-of-a-kind expertise, open and honest communication, and unconditional buying support.

Jacob Butler - Hunter Gather

Jacob Butler is the founder and Principal buyers agent of Hunter Gather. With experience both as the seller and buyer, Jacob has in-depth knowledge about both sides of the industry, which helps him navigate the buying process like the pro he is. 

Hunter Gather and Jacob follow a simple philosophy: simplify the buying process and remove uncertainty for clients. His goal is to help you find and secure your ideal property, whether for your family or investment portfolio, as easily as possible.

Jenni Wright - Elite Buyers Agents

Jenni Wright - Elite Buyers Agents

Jenni Wright is a senior Gold Coast buyers agent with 27 years of experience in the industry. She’s also noted as the first female buyer’s agent in Australia, an impressive feat that changed the buyer’s agent landscape for the better. 

Beyond that, Jenni is also noted as one of the best in the industry. She ushered in a different approach to buying, one that focused primarily on the buyer and their deepest desire. 

With her unique perspective and tremendous experience, Jenni remains a top-tier buyer’s agent who is protective of her clients’ dreams, time, and money.

Joe Pullos - Coast Buyers Agents

Joe Pullos - Coast Buyers Agents

Joe Pullos is the Principal buyer’s agent at Coast Buyers Agent. Known for his international corporate marketing exploits, he transitioned to the real estate industry 25 years ago, where he used his experience to carve out paradise for his clients. 

To Joe, the buying process doesn’t need to be complicated. It also doesn’t have to be limited to on-market property. 

Joe uses his wealth of internal connections to quickly find off-market and pre-market deals for his investors and home buyers. With speed and experience, Joe saves his clients time, money, and a whole lot of stress.

Scott O'Neill - Rethink Investing

Scott O'Neill - Rethink Investing

Scot O’Neill, managing director of Rethink Investing, is a Gold Coast buyers agent who acquired financial freedom at the tender age of 28. Originally a civil engineer, Scott discovered a passion for property and finance that led him to become one of the most renowned commercial buyer’s agents in Australia. 

While Scott and Rethink Investing do offer residential buyers agent services, his primary focus is buying property to invest and grow wealth. Scotts’ innovative approach to Gold Coast property investment has helped Rethink Investing acquire more than $3 billion in real estate since 2015. 

Scott is the perfect fit for any financiers looking to dominate the market and find financial freedom in the Gold Coast property market.

Nick Esplin - Quantum Buyer Agents

Nick Esplin - Quantum Buyer Agents

Nick Esplin is the Director and Premier buyer’s agent at Quantum Buyer Agents. Nick started in the industry as the owner of a successful construction company but later moved on to become a buyer’s agent. He successfully transitioned, taking his construction expertise with him. Today, Nick focuses on property quality. His experience and connections in the construction industry give him unique insights that help him find high-quality homes for home buyers and investors. 

With a focus on professional expertise, he provides unbiased and honest advice, advocacy, and negotiations that keep your best interests at heart.

Oliver Dunsten - Rose and Jones

Oliver Dunsten - Rose and Jones

Oliver Dunsten is the Director and licensee of Rose and Jones. In his 10 years at Rose and Jones, he’s acquired over $100 million worth of real estate for his clients, cementing himself as a senior buyers agent and one of the most successful in the industry. 

Oliver is known for his attention to detail and his love of research. He’s well-versed in both residential and commercial home buying and provides clients with foolproof investment strategies. He has a passion for success, and that means helping clients reach their financial and home-buying goals.

Rodney Reinsma - Gold Coast Property Buyers

Rodney Reinsma - Gold Coast Property Buyers

Rodney Reinsma is a successful Gold Coast buyers agent with a focus on residential properties. To Rodney, the buying process can be scary without help – which is why he endeavours to offer a steady helping hand throughout the process. 

His goal is to simplify the buying process for buyers and ensure they get the best deal. To Rodney, there is nothing worse than losing money because of a lack of information and support. 

Rodney is especially qualified as a Gold Coast agent because he practises nowhere else. The Gold Coast is his territory and he uses his intimate knowledge of it to find the perfect places for his clients.

Craig Greer-Smith - Networth Buyers Agents

Craig Greer-Smith is the managing director and Principal buyer’s agent at Networth Buyers Agents. As the name suggests, Craig helps families increase their net worth and find the best homes. His research and property-hunting strategy focuses on satisfying clients’ bank accounts and lifestyles. 

Craig has 30 years of experience in the industry and a portfolio of dozens of successful purchases for his clients. With Craig, clients will have access to some of the cheapest off-market deals and in-depth buying strategies aimed at maximising your asset’s value.

Daniel Di Mascio - Urban Buyer

Daniel Di Mascio is a licensed buyer’s agent with varied areas of expertise. He’s been involved in various industries, including law, property development, construction, real estate, and business – all of which have made him uniquely qualified as a buyers agent. 

His vast experiences and mindset help him think out of the box, landing his buyers the best deals in unconventional ways. His clients also enjoy an array of industry professionals who offer great service at low prices. 

To Daniel, there is nothing as rewarding as helping people land their dream home deal without having to break the bank.

Andrew Wegener - Aquila Property

Andrew Wegener - Aquila Property

Andrew Wegener is one of the best Gold Coast buyer’s agents and property advisors. As an Australian Army veteran and well-travelled individual, Andrew has mastered solving complex buyer issues and landing clients the best deals. 

Andrew has also delved deeply into state affairs and politics. The experience has given him the ability to solve complex problems and keep his focus on the long game, abilities he now uses to satisfy his clients. 

Andrew is dedicated to acquiring long-term wealth and gains for his clients. He helps buyers find high-quality homes in desirable locations that require minimal maintenance – core tenants of a great investment purchase.


The property buying process in the Gold Coast can be difficult, with real estate and sales agents always looking to score the best deal. Not to mention the finer details, like paperwork, local laws, and negotiations. 

Fortunately, you can enlist the help of one of the best Gold Coast buyers agents to help you navigate the buying process. Find the agent that best matches your goals and get started on your home purchasing journey. 

For more information on the Gold Coast property market, visit Property Gold Coast. We provide buyers and sellers with updated real estate news, insights, and guides to help you master the real estate industry.

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